The ultimate guide for buying a hoverboard

They call them “Hoverboard” and some call them “electric skateboards”. At first, they were only expensive toys for rich children. Hoverboard demos were seen on TV, YouTube and almost anywhere on the Internet. There was a lot of enthusiasm from them but their price made them inaccessible for most of the population.

The Hoverboard models sold in the market were initially very expensive, but not for long. This overnight toy became a global enthusiasm, initially offered by a small number of merchants, since the source is created for everyone by one factory. Later demand and competition factors changed the situation, as more and more manufacturers and traders also wanted some of the pie. This led to an “explosion” in terms of the number of models that appeared as an overboard, which also led to a drop in prices and thus also to many buyers. Still, this enthusiasm for the product did not last long.

Bad things begin to happen …

The first wave of the Hoverboard vehicles suffered from a series of problems caused by manufacturing defects. Many models had problems with their batteries or their electronic motherboard that was often “burned”. These defects and defects revealed problems with the models’ warranty and immediately prompted a response from the National Committee for Safety of Customer Products in the United States.

The committee issued a refund order to more than ten companies that sold Hoverboard models. At the same time, most of the online retailers and sellers stopped selling them. Accordingly, most of the buyers from China who spread in Europe and the US continued the trend, all of them suddenly adding stringent quality checks to models distributed and sold outside of China.

Hoverboard models are not what they used to be

In 2017, many things changed in terms of the popular hoverboard models. New models that appeared could not be sold if they did not have the appropriate safety approvals from local safety institutes in each country.

This means that all of the motorbike models currently sold in regular stores and virtual stores on the Internet are safe to use and have full appropriate warranty certificates. The biggest worry about these products – their safety, has been addressed and now these wonderful little toys are coming back.

How to choose the best boardboard model

It seems that buying the Hoverboard is the next “best thing” for the next holiday gift. The problem is that there are many models and types and it is difficult to choose which type and model to
purchase. The following tips can help you decide which kind of Hoverboard to purchase for yourself or to give a gift to someone else.

What exactly is Hoverboard?

Hoverboard is the personal transportation tool that becomes a “central stream” day by day. This is a moving balance board that anyone who needs to get to school or work can use it as an alternative to walking, cycling or driving a car, or just for anyone who wants to enjoy by walking around with them outdoors or at home.

Ease of use

You should choose a model with a wide rubber footboard. These features will facilitate the increase and decrease of the tool and will contribute to the feeling of stability when traveling on it. While riding, observe the safety instructions in the product guide. To move forward you have to lean forward, tilt right to turn right and left to turn left and press the front of the leg to travel faster. Select a suitable area to practice on the technique initially to avoid possible accidents.

Models with multiple usage options

A good Hoverboard can and should be used for more than a few “Devine rounds.” Many people use it, for example, to make a round for their dog, shop at the mall, get to school, get to work, and more.

Your hoverboard should be quiet so that you can travel with it inside buildings such as the mall without attracting too much attention, or traveling with it quietly in the corridors of your school campus. Also, if you want to drive it even after dark, there should be a good LED lighting model for safety and / or stormy weather.


We all know that word of mouth is one of the best ways to choose a good product model. Check out the reviews of buyers or ask for a recommendation from a store that specializes in the sale of hoverboards. Many users of Hoverboardtend to leave reviews about the model they purchased, especially when they have problems.


First check out all the features on the many models of hoverboard before deciding which model to buy. Some models travel faster than others. It is worth comparing the navigation systems and the direction between the models to see if a model is better than another model in terms of movement and rotation. Some models have good lighting while other models have no lighting.
The price is of course an important comparison feature when looking for a Huberboard for yourself or as a gift to another. It is best not to buy the cheapest model, since higher quality models will always cost a little more than inferior models. Compare the models and do your research thoroughly if you want to purchase the model that best suits your needs.